Childhood Anger Self-Test

This self-test is intended to help you reflect upon your anger issues in new ways. Don’t think too hard about the answers. There are no right answers. If you aren’t sure, go with your first guess.
As a child…

1. Was it bad or wrong for you to be angry?
2. Did you feel disrespected?
3. Did your parents show disrespect for each other?
4. Did your parents yell or criticise when they were angry?
5. Did your parents withdraw when they got angry?
6. Did you experience rage or violence?
7. Did you feel criticised?
8. Were your parents not listened to?
9. Did you have difficulty getting along with your parents and siblings?
10. Were you judged by your parents?
11. Did you lose a sibling or parent?
12. Did you feel unsafe, physical or emotionally, in your parents’ home?
13. Sid you need to be successful?
14. Did you think anger and rage are the same thing?

As an adult…

15. Do you still think anger and rage is the same thing?
16. Do you still feel hurt by people’s judgment?
17. Are you angry with yourself when you can’t express yourself well?
18. Do you still feel criticised?

Three or more “yes” answers indicate an anger pattern and you may have an anger problem.

An anger problem is any anger-related behavior (verbal, physical, or emotional) that hurts you or someone else.

Please visit the tips page for information on dealing with anger problems.



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