Family and Relationships Self-Test

This self-test is intended to help you reflect upon your anger issues in new ways. Don’t think too hard about the answers. There are no right answers. If you aren’t sure, go with your first guess.
With your friends and family, do you?

1. Act without thinking?
2. Think without acting?
3. Get defensive if somebody gets angry with you?
4. Assume others should act in a certain way?
5. Solve other people’s problems?
6. Need to feel you are successful?
7. Cut yourself off from another person for years at a time?
8. Interrupt others while they are talking?
9. Use sex as a weapon when you are angry?
10. Feel at times like you are a victim?
11. Make the same mistakes over and over again?
12. Usually put others first in your life?
13. Feel treated as if you are incompetent?
14. Hear your parent’s words coming from your mouth when you are stressed?
15. Worry a lot and are unable to stop worrying?
16. Feel it helps to worry?
17. Not know how to relieve your anger?
18. Confuse the difference between shame and guilt?

Three or more “yes” answers indicate an anger pattern and you may have an anger problem.

An anger problem is any anger-related behavior (verbal, physical, or emotional) that hurts you or someone else.



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