Suggest Reading List

  • A Book About Men
    Bly, Robert. Addison-Wesley, 1990
  • A Circle of Men: (A Manual for Men’s Support Groups).
    Kauth, Bill. St. Martin’s Press, 1992
  • A Little Book on Human Shadow
    Bly, Robert. Harper & Row 1998
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Goleman, Daniel. Bantam Books, 1995
  • Facing Shame: (Families in Recovery)
    Fossom, Merle A,, Mason, Marilyn J. N.P.: W.W. Norton & Company Ltd. 1989
  • From Innocence to Entitlement,: (A Love and Logic Cure for the Tragedy of Entitlement)
    Fay, Jim. Love and Logic Press 2005
  • Getting the Love You Want
    Hendrix, Harville PhD: Hunt Helen LaKelly, PhD
  • Hazards of Being Male
    Goldberg, Herb.: N.P.: Wellness Institute
  • Knights Without Armor: (A Practical Guide for Men in Quest of Masculine Soul)
    Kipnis, Aaron R. Tarcher 1991
  • Receiving Love: (Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself be Loved)
    Hendrix, Harville PhD: Hunt Helen LaKelly, Ph.D.
  • The Four Agreements: (A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom)
    Ruiz, Miguel. Amber-Allen, 1997
  • The Intimate Enemy: (How to Fight Fair in Love and Marriage)
    Bach, George Robert & Wyden, Peter.. N.P..Morrow 1969
  • The Myth of Male Power: (Why Men are the Disposable Sex)
    Farrell, Warren. Simon & Shuster 1993
  • The Road Less Traveled
    Peck, Scott M. Simon & Schuster 1993
  • Your Perfect Right: (A Guide to Assertive Living)
    Alberti, Robert E. Impact Publishers 1986
  • When I Say No, I Feel Guilty: (Using the Skills of Systematic Assertive Therapy)
    Smith, Manuel J., Dial Press 1975

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