Workplace Anger Self-Test

This self-test is intended to help you reflect upon your anger issues in new ways. Don’t think too hard about the answers. There are no right answers. If you aren’t sure, go with your first guess.
At work…

1. Do you feel your boss respects you?
2. Do you respect your boss?
3. Do you feel your boss treats you fairly compared to other employees?
4. Are you free from control issues at work?
5. Do you feel your boss sees you as successful?
6. Do you feel you are adequately trained for your job?
7. Do you feel that you get cooperation on the job?
8. Do you understand new instructions within the given time frame?
9. Do you feel you can ask questions comfortably?
10. Do you get promotions in a timely manner?
11. Do you feel your co-workers, boss, or company treat you fairly?
12. Do you feel respected in your workplace?

Three or more “no” answers indicate an anger pattern and you may have an anger problem.

An anger problem is any anger-related behavior (verbal, physical, or emotional) that hurts you or someone else.

Please visit the tips page for information on dealing with anger problems.



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