Location: The Well Being Centre, Chestergate, Stockport, SK1 1LZ.

Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

When: First and Third Monday of each month

(Excluding Public Holidays)

COST: £4.50 per session – £6.50 per if you attend as a couple

WASP  is a support group for people experiencing anger and aggression issues to talk with other people in a similar situation in a safe and confidential environment.  The intention is for the group to be user-centred, that is the content adapted to the needs and requests of the participants. You get to choose how the group progresses.

I understand the idea of sharing such personal issues as anger can be quite challenging, but the only way to find out if the groups is for you is to give it a go. You won’t be pressured to say anything until you are ready to.


How do I become a group member?

You simply turn up; there is no appointment or referral necessary. The group is completely confidential and there is no registration process of who attends.

Will I have to tell the group about my experiences?

No. There is no pressure to talk about anything you don’t feel comfortable with. Some group members simply listen to other peoples’ experiences around anger and offer their support. It is the choice of the individual member when they are ready to talk.

Can I just turn up?

Although the group operates on a ‘drop in’ basis, we do ask that where possible members arrive by 7.30pm and stay for the full session in order to avoid disruption and show respect to others who may be talking about difficult situations. However, if you do need to leave earlier than 9pm, please inform the group on arrival.

Tell me more about the group ‘facilitator’

The group is facilitated by Margaret Hall who has personally experienced issues around anger. Margaret is qualified Counsellor and Adult Teacher. She is also an EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach.

I feel quite nervous about coming along for the first time.

It is natural to feel nervous, but please try to be reassured that everyone feels like this initially. The group is friendly and supportive and will offer you a warm welcome. Please remember that everyone in the group has a personal understanding of anger and the issues involved.

Will I have to attend every session?

Not at all. Some people attend the group as and when they need support and some attend regularly. It is the personal choice of the group member when they wish to attend.


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