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1. Anger Control Coaching


One-to-one Anger Control Coaching by telephone or face-to-face for more info … click here 2. Wellbeing and Anger Support Project (W.A.S.P.) Bi-monthly support group for anyone experiencing issues with anger or aggression. For more info … click here 3. Counselling

One-to-one Counselling for Anger, Stress, Depression or a wide variety of other issues. For more info … click here

4. Mental Health Support


Stockport User Friendly Forum (STUFF), peer led mental health organisation, offering weekly Drop-in, monthly Forum, Training, information, signposting and support. For more info … click here

Hello, and welcome to your May Newsletter from e-motions. I like to make my emails useful, informative and enlightening, and if you have any requests or suggestions for future newsletters please email me at: Best wishes Margaret

TEL: 0161 487 1688 or 07890 909547


Helping you reach your true potential

Courses and Events

W.A.S.P. Wellbeing and Anger Support Project –


Meets on the first and third Mondays monthly at 7.30pm. There is only one session in May because of the Bank Holiday, so I hope to see you on Monday 21st May. Again in June there is only one session, on Monday 18th. Back to normal again in July on the 2nd and 16th.

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STUFF Mental Health Forum


Monday 14th May. The speaker is Nick Dixon, the Commissioner for Mental Health and Substance Misuse. Your chance to find out about the changes around mental health in Stockport, ask some questions, and receive feedback.

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Anger Management activities

There are a number of simple anger control techniques that you can use to help with anger:


Count slowly to 10. Take timeout



Draw a picture of your anger.



Take a brief walk away from your current location.



Change your focus- think about a place that always makes you happy.



Sing the words to your favorite song.



Journal about the instances where anger is a problem.



After becoming calm, express your anger and frustration. Let it be known in an assertive way what your needs are.



Think before speaking. You might regret hurtful words.



Identify solutions. What was the other person thinking? What could I do next time?



Don’t hold a grudge. Don’t look for ways to get back at another person? It is more beneficial and healthy to love them – even if they are enemies.




Each month I will highlight a book about anger. this month I have chosen:


by Gael Lindenfield



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