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JUNE 2012
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Do you recognize Your anger attitude?


Courses and Events



W.A.S.P. Wellbeing and Anger Support Project
Meets on the first and third Mondays monthly at 7.30pm at The Well Being Centre, Chestergate, Stockport, SK1 1LZ. This month there will only be one session in June session on Monday 18th. In July the Well Being Centre may be closed, and I am currently exploring alternative venues. I will let you know more when this is confirmed. The dates for July are Monday 2nd and Monday 16th. More info …

STUFF Drop-in and Forum for anyone experiencing mental ill health. Drop in every Wednesday from 2-4pm at Stepping Hill Hospital Mental Health Unit. Forum, 2nd Monday of the month – June Forum is on Monday 11th from 7-9pm at The Well Being Centre. The subject this month is Physical Health Checks. Telephone 07754 560269 or email for more information

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Addictive – “I need.” Needing to have something. Addictions can be to alcohol, drugs, work, love, sex, food, pornography etc…. Anything that is a patterned and compulsive behavior might be an addiction. Most, if not all, addictions and a great deal of substance abuse are behaviours intended to medicate anger. Whatever the substance, if it is used is to escape, it is anger related. Patterns of addictions are usually learned. If the addiction creates an altered state, that addiction likely needs to be addressed before the anger can be managed accountably.

Aggressive – “You do.” An aggressive person is one who tells others by making “you” statements and telling others about themselves. An aggressive person wants to control, and believes there is no other way. An aggressive person usually approaches issues and needs by making unilateral decisions or giving orders to others. Aggression is a fear of not being in control, distrust of others and a need to exert control.

Depressive – “I can’t.” Situational depression is often about feeling powerless. Anger and shame emotions are set loose blaming one’s self for not being able to manage something the way one expects he or she should. Situational depression is often learned, expressing powerlessness, shame and anger. (Managing anger can also be a powerful ally to a chemically depressed person.)

Passive – “I don’t want to bother you.” A passive person has learned somewhere to believe he or she is not entitled to “receive”. Often a passive person will feel that if he or she does receive, somebody else might have to do without. Often a passive person has been taught that if he or she asks, it will draw attention that might be embarrassing, hurtful or shaming. Risking is hard for passives.

Passive-Aggressive – A Passive-Aggressive person handles issues and deals with needs and wants by “coming in the back door”. A Passive-Aggressive person might ask for something that is different from the “real” want. He or she directs the interaction to accomplish the real want, without it ever being named. Usually this person learned somewhere that being direct is risky and doesn’t work.

By intention or by conditioning all of the above attitudes can be manipulative.

ShameThe message that there is something wrong with a person or a thing. It is an opinion based on expectations that is projected on others or internalized by oneself. It is an attitude that controls through disrespect, discounting and judgment. It is important to distinguish shame from guilt. Guilt is a legitimate feeling based on a values system, that comes from feeling bad about having done something wrong.

Shame, by intention or conditioning, is a manipulative feeling or behaviour.

The good news is that you can begin to make some positive changes.





My Specialities
1. Anger Control Coaching
One-to-one Anger Control Coaching by telephone or face-to-face
for more info … click here

2. Wellbeing and Anger Support Project (W.A.S.P.)
Bi-monthly support group for anyone experiencing issues with anger or aggression.
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3. Counselling

One-to-one Counselling for Anger, Stress, Depression or a wide variety of other issues.
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4. Mental Health Support
Stockport User Friendly Forum (STUFF), peer led mental health organisation, offering weekly Drop-in, monthly Forum, Training, information, signposting and support.
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Each month I will highlight a book about anger. This month I have chosen:
Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men – How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Anger and Get More Out of Life

Thomas Harbin


(buy it from Amazon here)
Men tend to express their anger differently than women do. Research shows men are often more violent and less willing to confront and deal with their emotions than women. Written by a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of male rage, Beyond Anger shows the angry – and miserable – man how to change his life and relationships for the better. This book helps men understand their anger by explaining what the specific symptoms of chronic anger are and by showing angry men how their actions negatively affect family, friends, and coworkers. It helps men control violent feelings by using simple exercises – developed especially for men – to identify when and why anger occurs and by helping them form new habits to prevent anger before it starts. Women, too, will learn essential strategies for understanding and helping the angry men in their lives. Beyond Anger is honest, tough, and real.




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